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So glad you're back! I was thinking about my wellbeing journey and how I got here and I couldn't help but wonder where would I be if I hadn't listened to my gut?

Have you had those feelings where you feel like something is not quite right and you just know you need to do something about it, but at times don't even know what that is? Well, I've been there many times...especially with my doctor.

Now, before you all come after me...I'm not saying ALL doctors are like this. But let's face it, healthcare became more of a business than a public service. 

I'm not shy when it comes to trying different things until I see a result (we'll get tho this at a different blog) but in my research, I learned that Ancient Chinese doctors would get paid to KEEP a patient healthy. Meaning, if the patient got sick, the doctor would not get paid until he or she became well. 

Now ain't that SOMETHING?!

This idea kinda got stuck in my head for a while because nowadays we don't see any of that in the medical industry. If I get prescribed another antibiotic for a cold I will scream. 

The past 3 years I had my Primary Care Physician, who I actually have never seen in person (I only knew what she looked like by the picture in the huge building she has for her practice when she moved offices)

All this time, I paid for countless of ultrasounds, blood work, specialists, tests to not have any results whatsoever. Only to be seen by a different Nurse Practitioner every time I set foot in that office. The only way that I was able to turn this situation around was by following by instinct. And becoming my own advocate.

Not only did I changed doctors, but also started seeing other people to help me accomplish my goals but that will bring me serenity, professionalism and hope, rather than misery and nervousness. Aside from that, everything I learned as an Integrative Health coach helped me understand my body better and with that I had a better idea of where to check and work with my doctor instead of waiting for them to tell me what to do.

At the end of the day, they are human and can make mistakes. Except that now I am also in charge of my body. And that...seems like a better deal because it is considered team work now. 

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