Growth may look different to everyone...

Growth may look different to everyone...

Hey there!!

I know it has been a bit since I last posted anything. I wish I could say I was able to stay consistent to this but unfortunately you happens. 

I haven't been completely silent though, while I have been quiet here I have been busy trying to expand our products and the things we have here for you at One Moment Wellness. 

I'm sure you know that this is a very small business still, we are a handful of people that are involved. So you can understand that trying to get a business up and running while still doing life, and working can be a bit tedious. However, I am finally starting to see it pay off. 

Last week we had an event which we haven't had one since April and this time I could actually see the growth that I have done. I think for the first time, the efforts felt real for me. And it moved me. 

This company started as small dream with a big vision, and a very ambitious goal...and slowly but patiently I have been building it into something that I'm proud to have started and I hope to continue to grow it and grow with it as I have been. 

Here you have the pictures of our set up. Our first ever table of products, with the latest one...just from last week.

While to someone it may not seem like a lot, like we just added more products (whoopeedeeewopp) it has been intentional. We have slowly started reaching out to brands that we trust and believe in and will be featuring them here more, so stay tuned. 

It has been a loong journey, but so worth it to see it come to live slowly. At times frustrating, but now I'm starting to see what all the efforts were for. 

Just remember...anything worth having may require some patience and hard work to get it. Thank you for joining us in this journey. We hope to do good by you. 




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