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Chakra Keychain

Chakra Keychain

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Harmonize your energy with our Chakra Keychains- a fusion of style and spiritual balance. 

Each keychain is a symbol of holistic well-being, designed to align your chakras and enhance your vitality. Elevate your accessories with these meaningful keychains, a perfect blend of fashion and mindfulness. 

Shop now to unlock the power of balanced energy and personalized style. Your path to harmony starts here!

*Sourced from Brazil, each piece is chosen intuitively, ensuring a unique and special selection for you. 

Please note that sizes may vary, adding to the individuality of each cluster as these are made by nature and not a factory to keep everything in same size.

Prior to reaching you, the crystals undergo a meticulous cleansing process with sage, enhancing their energy and purity. 

Price is per unit*

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