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Rough Clear Quartz

Rough Clear Quartz

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Bring the raw beauty of Clear Quartz to your home- nature's masterpiece in their uncut, natural state, radiating clarity and energy. 

Each rough piece is a unique testament to the Earth's crystalline wonders. Elevate your crystal collection with these stunning crystals, known for their amplifying properties and aesthetic allure. Shop now to bring the unrefined elegance of Clear Quartz into your space. 

Shop now to bring this captivating addition to any crystal enthusiast's repertoire. 

*Sourced from Brazil, each piece is chosen intuitively, ensuring a unique and special selection for you.

Please note that sizes may vary, adding to the individuality of each cluster as these are made by nature and not a factory to keep everything in same size.

Prior to reaching you, the crystals undergo a meticulous cleansing process with sage, enhancing their energy and purity.

Price is per unit*

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